Thursday, February 19, 2009

Reader Comment on Vista

Gerry: I tried to comment on your blog page but it asked me for a google account or a URL? I don't have either so you can post the following if you like. Thanks for the info. Gary

  • Gary - my apologies - I've tried playing with the settings, and I think I have that remedied and you should be able to leave comments now.
Nobody likes a "know it all anyway" Gerry, so this is good. Looking forward to learning some new stuff. I will give my two cents worth on Vista which I have been using for about 6 months now on my new HP notebook. Haven't had any major problems just inconveniences. I have found there are tons more antipirate stuff on the media player that prevents you from copying CD's onto HD and then making new disc. They don't seem to run on different players, but always work on the HP notebook I copied them from. Other than that I like the way you can see the windows you have minimized on the bottom of your screen. It shows a pic of the website you opened. Just a few observations.

  • Well, Gary, I have to admit that I don't buy too much "new" music. Most of what I have is older, however for the few that myself or my wife has tried to "rip" in Vista, I can't say that we've run into the problems you describe. Most of the issues with security on music have to do with placing the ripped music, or downloaded music on an MP3 player, but I thought it was more of an issue with rights on downloaded music. I will try and do some research though, and report what I find out in another blog - sounds like a good topic to cover. Movies are a different matter, and I do know there are many issues about ripping video to a hard drive.... Gerry

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